Taking Out Car Insurance: How Does It Work Online?Taking Out Car Insurance: How Does It Work Online?

Taking out car insurance online is probably easier than you expect. Your car is well insured within a few minutes without the costs of intermediaries. Expert insurer even made it extra easy; you can also take out car insurance on your tablet and smartphone. Handy, right?

What information do we need?

In order to take out non owner car insurance online, you need a few details. We can only determine your premium if we are 100% sure that the car is indeed yours. Therefore, make sure you have the following information ready:

  • The license plate of the car
  • Number of claim-free years
  • Who drives the most
  • Reporting code of your car (this is stated in your registration certificate)

Together with your personal data which you undoubtedly remember by heart, you are completely ready to go through the four simple steps and you can go on the road without any worries.

Take out your car insurance in four steps

With that data, taking out non owner car insurance is a breeze. Follow the four steps, choose the coverage that suits you and insure your car in just a few minutes.


In step 1 we ask for the registration number of your car and some personal data. How many kilometers does the car drive per year, what is your place of residence, who drives the most and what are your claim-free years? With this information we immediately calculate the premium of your car insurance.

Choose your coverage

In this step you can choose from the different coverage, with the premium that goes with it. Are you going for a WA, Limited or All-risk insurance? You can also choose additional insurance policies, such as occupant damage insurance. Not sure which non owner car insurance is right for you? Then first read more about the coverage of Car Insurance.

Additional information

We are of course very happy that you have found an appropriate cover in the previous step and choose. In order to be able to conclude this happy moment, we still need your personal data, the report code of your car and the date on which the insurance must commence. This way we know for sure that the right car is insured on the right date.

Shut down and activate

As a last step, we summarize all the data for you. Is something wrong with your data? Then you can easily adjust this. Are you completely satisfied? Then choose ‘take out insurance’. Click on the link and from that moment you can go on the road without any worries.

The best saving tips for your car insurance

If you have a car, you are obliged to have or take out non owner car insurance. But what are the best tips to help you save on car insurance? We have listed them for you.

Choose the right coverage

When buying a car, it is wise to take a good look at the condition of your car. Is this a new or an old car? Is it an expensive or cheaper car? These are factors that can help determine the coverage for your car. WA + Full Casco (Allrisk) is not always the best option. For example, do you have a somewhat cheaper or older car? Then it can be smart to choose a not too extensive coverage. Suppose your car is stolen, you will often not be reimbursed more than the current market value of your car. The damage-free years and how much you use your car are factors that you should look at when choosing the most suitable coverage.

Pay your premium in one go

When you take out non owner car insurance, you often get the choice to pay the premium monthly or in one go. Many people choose to pay it monthly, because it is a hefty amount if you have to pay it off at once. With the monthly payments, insurers charge extra costs, because in principle they advance the money for you all year round. You then pay a part with interest every month.

Avoid double coverage

By taking out your non owner sr-22 car insurance, you can opt for even more certainty with additional coverage. You then close this separately. But if you are not sure what you are already insured for, it may just happen that you have double coverage. This means that you are covered by different insurance policies for the same risk. For example, you are already insured for Traffic Legal Assistance in this country if you have chosen complete insurance as a package. Therefore, pay close attention to what you take out as an insurance policy.

Don’t claim the small damages

Are you dealing with damage? Then first check whether it is a major or minor damage. It is not wise to claim every damage from your insurer. If it is a minor damage, it is usually cheaper to pay for this damage yourself. If you are going to claim damage, this will have consequences for your claim-free years and your accrued no-claim discount. You will soon experience a considerable decline when claiming, so that your premium could rise and you can start over with your claim-free years.

Compare car insurance

Many people no longer look after other non owner car insurance options after taking out car insurance. Still, it can be smart to keep comparing car insurance policies. Your car is getting older, may have some defects, which are too expensive to repair and the premiums are changing at the same time. In addition, as a new customer with an insurer you can take advantage of additional discounts. Comparing car insurance can therefore help you to save on your premium and better matching coverage.

Discount on your premium by driving safely

With the Safe Driving Car Insurance you receive extra safe driver discount on your premium if you drive well. This discount can be up to 30%. After each quarter we determine your final score and pay you the discount. You also contribute to road safety in this country.